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Diamond is one of the most expensive natural gifts. Just like gold, diamond is highly valued and mostly mined by the government of the place it was found. Rich people used diamonds as jewelry and outfits. Diamond is very scarce, it is found in a few places, and it usually serves as income for the locality or state it was deposited. It is a means of foreign exchange. What is diamond? What is the density of diamond? What is the crystal habit of the diamond?

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Diamond is a previous stone. It is crystalline form of pure carbon. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. It has an octahedral crystal habit and a density of 3.51gcm3.
Russia and Botswana are the largest diamond producers in the world.
Russia has the biggest diamond mines in the world. Russia is also rated the world's greatest exporter of rough diamonds.  Democratic Republic of Congo is also a prominent producer of diamonds in the world.
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