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It is appreciable to encourage and honor those who had contributed meaningfully to the progress and success of people, or those who brought succor and harmony to mankind through the use of their wealth, talents or other personal resources. This will definitely encourage other people to also contribute their quota to the development of the society. This was the origin of the Noble Prize award. When did the first Nobel Prize winner win the award? What were his achievements? How much was the prize?
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The first Nobel Peace Prize was won by Frederic Passy and Henry Dunant. They shared a prize of 150,782 Swedish Kronor. Frederic Passy was born on 20th May, 1882 in Paris, France. He was an economist. Passy raised the notion that free trade among nations would bring an end to fighting.
Henry Dunant also known as Henri Dunant was born in Geneva, Switzerland on 8th May, 1828. He was a businessman/activist. He was the founder of the Red Cross. He anchored a lot of humanitarian services.
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